With Public Record there is no hassle. No driving to the county courthouse, looking and paying for parking, standing in line to use a complex, “green-screen” software application that you then print results from, for a fee if at all. With its modern interface and intuitive design, Public Record makes finding the data you are looking for quick and painless. With a “flick and a tap” you can search any of North Carolina’s 100 counties by citation/infraction/case number or do a statewide name search just by changing a few simple things. And because timeliness of data is important, we do things differently. Unlike other, non-mobile vendors, we don’t have a 24 hour data delay. If it is publicly available, Public Record can show it.

With our bundle pricing, the more searches you want to run, the cheaper each search effectively becomes! Coupled with significant functionality, Public Record is the answer to your North Carolina courthouse data needs. If it’s a matter of public record, then Public Record makes it easy!


Key Features

  • The app itself is FREE!
  • Real-time search results
  • Search all 100 counties in North Carolina
  • Criminal, Civil and Infractions data
  • Decades of data available!
  • 16 different searches available
  • Store search results on your iOS device
  • Email your search results
  • Map showing location of all county seats
  • Validation to prevent search mistakes
  • Screen fidelity with county terminals
  • Glossary of helpful legal terms
  • List of all NC offense codes with link to statute
  • Twitter & Facebook integration
  • Cheaper than non-mobile vendors
  • Our bundle-pricing = even more discount!
  • Easy, simple in-app purchases
  • Pinch to zoom or increment results font size
  • Auto-resize results on orientation change
  • FAQs section
  • Tips section on how to most effectively use


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